Bold Marketing Stunt: Paris Footwear Shop Challenges Customers to Steal, Offering Escape Race Against Pro Sprinter

Bold Marketing Stunt: Paris Footwear Shop Challenges Customers to Steal, Offering Escape Race Against Pro Sprinter

  • 25.10.2023 15:54

"Paris Athleticwear Store's Unconventional Stunt: Steal It If You Can Outrun a Pro Sprinter"

In a bold and unconventional marketing move, the Distance boutique in Paris, specializing in athleticwear, allowed customers to steal merchandise with a unique condition — they had to outrun French Olympian Méba Mickael Zeze, a professional sprinter known for completing the 100-meter dash in under 10 seconds. Tagging their apparel with the provocative slogan "ROB IT TO GET IT," the store engaged in a one-day stunt that garnered attention and created buzz.

The results, shared in a YouTube video, showcased 74 patrons attempting to make off with sneakers but being caught by Zeze, except for two who managed to escape with free items. Lionel Jagorel, a Distance manager, acknowledged losing a few items but emphasized the significant value gained from the publicity. The campaign, orchestrated by French advertising agency BETC, aimed to go viral and successfully generated nearly 24,000 views within two weeks.

Given the rising issue of shoplifting, particularly in U.S. metros like New York and San Diego, Distance opted not to promote the one-day event widely. Instead, they discreetly posted a sign outside the Paris location on September 13. The merchandise carried "ROB IT TO GET IT" tags, and store employees explained to customers that they could take the items if they could outrun the specially appointed security guard, Zeze.

Throughout the day, Zeze, casually strolling in a black polo shirt labeled "security," intercepted most "thieves" with minimal effort, sprinting at only 35% of his maximum speed. Some customers attempted to outsmart the pro sprinter, engaging in conversations to distract him while their friends made off with merchandise. Despite these efforts, Zeze consistently proved difficult to evade.

This audacious and attention-grabbing stunt not only added an element of excitement to the shopping experience but also showcased the creative lengths some businesses are willing to go for publicity in the highly competitive retail landscape.

"Late Triumph in Paris: Avid Customer Seizes Free Item in 'ROB IT TO GET IT' Campaign"

The "ROB IT TO GET IT" campaign at Paris' Distance boutique took an unexpected turn around 4 p.m. when a 33-year-old loyal customer managed to seize a free item. While Zeze, the pro sprinter, was in pursuit of an enthusiastic runner aiming to snatch a pair of grey trainers, the astute customer capitalized on the opportunity and secured a pink T-shirt. The timing of this late success added an intriguing twist to the unconventional marketing stunt.

Representatives for Distance at BETC, the creative force behind the campaign, have yet to respond to requests for comment from The Washington Post.

This collaboration between Distance and BETC marks another instance of their ingenuity in crafting memorable campaigns. In September 2021, the two entities joined forces to produce a video featuring runners attempting to activate Paris' speed cameras. These cameras, designed to discourage drivers from exceeding the city's 30 kilometers per hour speed limit, became an unexpected canvas for a creative and entertaining venture. Distance's knack for inventive campaigns continues to capture attention and redefine the boundaries of traditional marketing.

In conclusion, the "ROB IT TO GET IT" campaign at Paris' Distance boutique proved to be an engaging and ultimately successful venture, with a loyal customer seizing a free item late in the day. The unexpected turn of events around 4 p.m. added a captivating twist to the unconventional marketing stunt, showcasing the spontaneity and unpredictability of such endeavors.

While representatives from Distance at BETC have yet to respond to inquiries about the campaign, the collaboration between the two entities has consistently demonstrated creativity and innovation in marketing. This latest campaign, following a previous endeavor involving runners and Paris' speed cameras, reinforces their ability to craft memorable and attention-grabbing initiatives.

Distance's willingness to push the boundaries of traditional marketing not only sparks interest but also highlights the evolving landscape of retail promotions. As businesses continue to seek unique ways to engage customers, campaigns like "ROB IT TO GET IT" exemplify the potential for creativity to redefine and elevate the shopping experience.