Steven Van Zandt Shares Health Update on Bruce Springsteen Amid Tour Date Postponement

Steven Van Zandt Shares Health Update on Bruce Springsteen Amid Tour Date Postponement

  • 07.11.2023 04:19

"Steven Van Zandt Provides Encouraging Health Update on Bruce Springsteen Amid Tour Postponement"

In the midst of concerns about Bruce Springsteen's health, E Street bandmate Steven Van Zandt delivered reassuring news during the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The iconic guitarist, 72, disclosed that the legendary frontman, at 74, is in "great shape" despite grappling with peptic ulcer disease.

"We're gonna come back stronger than ever in March," Van Zandt assured fans during the ceremony, emphasizing the intensity of the initial six months of the tour as among the band's most rigorous. "It was a very, very intense first six months of the tour — maybe our most intense ever," he added. "And so we're gonna come back with that same intensity, and it's gonna be great."

Reflecting on the band's enduring popularity onstage, Van Zandt expressed gratitude, saying, "Well, it's wonderful, isn't it? Because we were gone for seven years. So, you know, we weren't really sure what was gonna happen." He highlighted the band's triumphant return both in terms of business and enthusiasm, emphasizing the immediate sellouts and characterizing it as a "wonderful surprise" and a testament to their craft.

The guitarist credited the band's longevity to their dedication to honing their craft, citing the enduring appeal of Springsteen's songs. "It just shows that people who work on their craft tend to last a while," he remarked.

Last month, Springsteen, diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease in September, announced the postponement of the remainder of their 2023 tour dates. Despite expressing disappointment, Springsteen, in a statement on Instagram, conveyed his gratitude to fans and assured them of his return.

Van Zandt's recent remarks echo Springsteen's resilience and dedication to his craft, emphasizing that despite health challenges, the E Street Band is gearing up for a powerful return in March, leaving fans eagerly anticipating The Boss's triumphant comeback.

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