Royal Reshuffle: Major Johnny Thompson Ascends as Right-Hand Man, a 'Hot' Pick by King Charles

Royal Reshuffle: Major Johnny Thompson Ascends as Right-Hand Man, a 'Hot' Pick by King Charles

  • 25.10.2023 14:17

Regal Promotion: Major Johnny Thompson Takes Center Stage as King Charles's Right-Hand Man

In a royal reshuffle that's causing quite the stir, King Charles has bestowed a glittering promotion upon Major Johnny Thompson, crowning him as the monarch's new right-hand man, as reported. Already a social media sensation, Major Thompson, affectionately nicknamed "Major Eye Candy" by online enthusiasts, captured public attention during the King's coronation in May, signaling that his prominence in royal affairs is set to soar.

Described as "fabulous" and deemed a "super equerry," Major Thompson, known for his appearances alongside the Royal Family in kilts, will now take charge of organizing the King's private affairs. A source revealed to The Sun that the King's strategic move to appoint a social media darling as his right-hand man is indeed a savvy one, ensuring that Major Thompson's charisma and popularity extend beyond ceremonial occasions.

Hailing from the 5th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland, Major Thompson is slated to bid farewell to the Army within the next 18 months, according to insiders. An equerry, a key officer in the British royal household, assists members of the royal family, and Major Thompson has been attending to King Charles since the passing of Queen Elizabeth last year.

The dashing assistant's star has been steadily rising, culminating in his impressive third-place ranking on Tatler's Social Power Index, underscoring his influence and presence in Britain's corridors of power. Responsible for the planning and execution of the king's daily programs, Major Thompson has become a symbol of quiet, charming power within palace walls, as noted in the index.

Having first garnered attention during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth last year, where he served as her equerry and most senior bodyguard for a period, Major Thompson's popularity reached new heights during the coronation service inside Westminster Abbey. Viewers couldn't help but dub him "Major Eye Candy," a testament to his charismatic presence.

However, admirers might be disappointed to learn that Major Thompson is already off the market, having been happily married to his wife Caroline since 2010. As the regal drama unfolds, Major Johnny Thompson's ascendancy as King Charles's right-hand man promises to add a touch of glamour and charm to the corridors of power.

Majestic Charm Takes Center Stage in Royal Circles

As Major Johnny Thompson ascends to his role as King Charles's right-hand man, the realm of British royalty finds itself graced by a charismatic figure whose presence extends beyond ceremonial splendor. The strategic move by King Charles to appoint Major Thompson, a social media sensation dubbed "Major Eye Candy," signals a modern approach to royal affairs, blending regal tradition with contemporary allure.

With origins in the 5th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland, Major Thompson's journey from military service to the forefront of royal planning underscores a shift in the dynamics of power within the palace walls. His designation as a "super equerry" and the organizer of the King's private affairs positions him as a key player in shaping the monarch's daily engagements.

Major Thompson's popularity, evident in his high rankings on Tatler's Social Power Index and the adoration he received during significant royal events, showcases the public's fascination with his charm and charisma. His journey from a viral sensation during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth to a prominent role during King Charles's coronation paints a narrative of an individual seamlessly transitioning from military duty to the sophisticated world of royal duties.

While Major Thompson's magnetic presence has made him a sought-after figure, admirers may be surprised to learn of his marital status, finding solace in a decade-long union with his wife Caroline. As Major Thompson gracefully navigates the corridors of power, his personal charm and influence continue to captivate, adding a touch of glamour to the ever-evolving tapestry of British royalty. The enigmatic "Major Eye Candy" has not only become a right-hand man but a symbol of contemporary elegance in the annals of regal history.