Congressional Heroism: Rep. Cory Mills Safely Evacuates 159 Americans from Israel Upon Return to DC

Congressional Heroism: Rep. Cory Mills Safely Evacuates 159 Americans from Israel Upon Return to DC

  • 28.10.2023 15:29

Rep. Cory Mills Continues Rescue Efforts: Evacuates 159 More Americans from Israel

WASHINGTON – Rep. Cory Mills, having returned from Israel, remains steadfast in his mission to bring stranded Americans back home, exclusively informing The Post on Friday of his ongoing efforts. The Florida Republican facilitated the safe return of another 159 Americans despite major airlines suspending flights to and from Israel amid the conflict with Hamas. The group landed at JFK Airport, where Mills personally welcomed them, emphasizing his commitment as an elected official and Army combat veteran.

Expressing frustration with the Biden Administration's handling of the situation, Mills stated, “Once again, I found myself taking on the work that President Biden should have been handling.” The latest arrivals followed Mills' return to the U.S. on Oct. 14, where he resumed legislative duties after spending a week and a half in Israel. During his initial visit, he evacuated over 100 Americans, responding to a Post report highlighting the plight of Silver Prout and others trapped in Israel.

Acknowledging the incomplete nature of his mission upon returning to Washington, Mills affirmed, “Despite my elected duties in the Speaker’s vote, I’ve been working diligently with our team to continue assisting stranded/abandoned Americans.” While the White House announced State Department-chartered flights for evacuations, Mills criticized the administration for what he sees as a concerning pattern of disregarding the safety of American citizens abroad.

Mercury One Nonprofit Steps In: Rep. Mills Secures Flight for Americans Stranded in Israel

Upon his return to Washington, Rep. Cory Mills collaborated with the Mercury One nonprofit, founded by former Fox News host Glenn Beck, to sponsor a flight evacuating Americans from Israel. Expressing gratitude for the support, Mills stated, “With the support of Mercury One, I stepped up to ensure their secure passage and safe return home.”

Mercury One, known for its proactive approach, previously aided in evacuating over 9,500 Americans stranded in Afghanistan during the 2021 withdrawal. Executive Director JP Decker emphasized the nonprofit's commitment to swift action, stating, “We don’t wait for the government to act, we step in and do it ourselves.”

The collaboration underscores the ongoing challenges faced by Americans in Israel amid the conflict with Hamas. As the nonprofit rallies support from generous donors, everyday Americans contribute to flying their compatriots home free of charge. In the words of Decker, "We stand with Israel as they fight this war against evil," recognizing the importance of assisting stranded Americans during these tumultuous times.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between Rep. Cory Mills and the Mercury One nonprofit stand as a testament to the power of collective action in times of crisis. As Rep. Mills continues to champion the cause of stranded Americans in Israel, the partnership with Mercury One exemplifies a proactive approach to humanitarian challenges.

The commitment of Mercury One, demonstrated by their history of aiding stranded citizens, reflects a broader ethos of self-reliance and swift response, irrespective of governmental delays. This unique collaboration not only underscores the complexities faced by Americans abroad but also highlights the resilience and generosity of individuals coming together for a common cause.

As the nonprofit, fueled by the generosity of everyday Americans, facilitates the free-of-charge return of compatriots, it reinforces the notion that in times of adversity, unity and compassion can bridge gaps and bring people safely back home. The story serves as a poignant reminder that, regardless of the geopolitical landscape, the human spirit prevails in extending a helping hand to those in need.