Allegations Surface: Robert De Niro's Former Assistant Accuses Him of Boasting About Younger Girlfriend and Verbal Abuse

Allegations Surface: Robert De Niro's Former Assistant Accuses Him of Boasting About Younger Girlfriend and Verbal Abuse

  • 04.11.2023 00:49

"Former Assistant Accuses Robert De Niro of Boasting About Younger Girlfriend and Verbal Abuse"

In a shocking revelation, Robert De Niro's former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, testified on Friday, shedding light on the Oscar-winner's alleged inappropriate behavior. Robinson claimed that De Niro, 80, boasted to his staff about the significant age difference with his girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, who is 30 years younger. The assistant accused De Niro of being "creepy" and recalled him recruiting her to help Chen acclimate to his lavish lifestyle.

According to Robinson, De Niro made derogatory comments and called her a "bitch" on multiple occasions. She detailed instances where De Niro berated her, using offensive language during a heated exchange following a fire at his home and another incident around Christmas 2017.

In August 2019, De Niro's production company sued Robinson, alleging she watched Netflix on the job and misused the actor's frequent flyer miles. In retaliation, Robinson countersued, claiming a toxic work environment, including screaming tantrums and sexual harassment.

Robinson also alleged that De Niro asked her to scratch his back multiple times, despite her suggesting the use of a back scratcher. She described the experience as "creepy" and "disgusting."

The courtroom drama unfolded with De Niro making headlines for exploding on the stand earlier in the week when questioned about the same incident. The ongoing legal battle continues to bring to light disturbing allegations surrounding the acclaimed actor's behavior in the workplace.

"Explosive Testimony: De Niro's Former Assistant Reveals Derogatory Language, Work Demands, and Unequal Treatment"

In a courtroom bombshell, Robert De Niro's former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, continued her testimony, exposing a tumultuous work environment that included alleged derogatory language, demanding tasks, and unequal treatment. De Niro, 80, admitted to asking Robinson to perform a personal task but dismissed it as nonsense, attributing it to an itch he couldn't reach.

Robinson claimed that De Niro had a short temper and used offensive language, even referring to his business partner, Jane Rosenthal, with a derogatory term. She further alleged that De Niro was stringent about granting her time off, despite his own forgetfulness regarding schedules and personal milestones.

The former assistant painted a picture of unrelenting demands, recounting an incident where she had to abandon a run in Central Park to fetch a baseball glove for De Niro's son. Robinson also stated that she vetted vacation rentals for the actor and experienced different expectations based on gender. Female employees were expected to be on call 24/7, while male employees were exempt.

Despite the demanding nature of her job, Robinson mentioned that De Niro compensated her with generous gifts, including a Rolex watch for her 30th birthday. However, when she raised concerns about salary discrepancies and requested equal pay to De Niro's personal trainer, Dan Harvey, who had a family to support, she claimed De Niro dismissed her plea.

The testimony unfolded with Robinson expressing her frustration and hurt over the unequal treatment, stating, "I gave this job my life. I didn't have kids because I worked." The culmination of their professional relationship led to a negotiated $300,000 salary, and when Robinson eventually resigned, she alleged that the acclaimed actor gave her the cold shoulder.

As the courtroom drama continues, the revelations offer a glimpse into the complexities of De Niro's working relationship with his former assistant, shedding light on both generous gestures and alleged mistreatment.

"Legal Battle Unveils Turbulent Dynamics: De Niro's Former Assistant Claims Threats and Workplace Tensions"

The courtroom drama surrounding Robert De Niro's legal battle with former assistant Graham Chase Robinson took a new turn as Robinson alleged threats and workplace tensions during her testimony. According to Robinson, De Niro threatened to provide her with a bad recommendation, asserting that the privilege of having his name on her resume should suffice as payment.

These revelations followed testimony from Tiffany Chen, De Niro's girlfriend and the mother of their daughter Gia, who accused Robinson of seeking to be De Niro's wife and labeled her as "mean, insecure, territorial." Chen presented an ultimatum to De Niro, expressing potential problems if Robinson continued in her role.

Robinson, however, testified that she felt targeted by Chen, claiming she was given impossible tasks and constantly demeaned. The strained relationship between the two women added complexity to the already contentious legal battle.

During cross-examination, De Niro's attorney pressed Robinson on her use of derogatory language, specifically the "B-word." While Robinson denied directing it at other Canal workers, she admitted to using it multiple times to describe Chen. A recorded conversation further revealed Robinson referring to Chen as a "sociopathic bitch who should grow a pair of balls."

Robinson, who started working for De Niro in 2008, claims in her lawsuit that she was forced to resign from her six-figure position in April 2019. Her resignation email, read in court, highlighted her loyalty, protection, honesty, and dedicated work hours. The ongoing legal battle continues to expose intricate details of the dynamics within De Niro's professional circle.

"Legal Showdown Intensifies: De Niro's Suit Alleges Doubts, While Ex-Assistant Describes Post-Resignation Struggles"

The legal battle between Robert De Niro and his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, reached a critical juncture as De Niro's suit countered Robinson's claims, suggesting she resigned due to concerns about her honesty, integrity, work ethic, and motivation. The courtroom revelations unfolded against the backdrop of Robinson's profound post-resignation struggles.

In the three-plus years since leaving Canal Productions, Robinson testified that she applied to 638 jobs without securing a single interview. The toll on her mental health has been substantial, with depression and anxiety plaguing her daily life. Sleep struggles, an aversion to going outside, and living at home with her mother have become her new normal.

In a poignant testimony, Robinson expressed the devastating impact on her life, stating, "I've lost my life. I've lost my career. I've lost my financial independence. I've lost everything." As the legal showdown continues, Robinson is set to return to the stand on Monday, where she will face further cross-examination from De Niro's attorney, Richard Schoenstein. The proceedings promise to unveil more layers of complexity in this high-profile case.

In the ongoing legal saga between Robert De Niro and his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, the courtroom drama has intensified with conflicting narratives. De Niro's suit contends that Robinson left Canal Productions amid concerns about her honesty and work ethic, while Robinson paints a stark picture of post-resignation struggles, including a relentless job search with no interviews, mental health challenges, and a profound sense of loss.

As Robinson's emotional testimony underscored the toll on her life, career, and well-being, the courtroom awaits further revelations. The upcoming cross-examination on Monday is poised to bring additional layers of complexity to this high-profile case.

The clash between the two sides, each presenting contrasting accounts, leaves the legal community and the public eager for the resolution of this intricate and contentious legal battle. The ultimate outcome remains uncertain, but the courtroom proceedings continue to shed light on the intricate dynamics within De Niro's professional sphere and the lasting impact of this legal dispute on those involved.