Israeli Operation: 130 Hamas Tunnels Eradicated in Gaza, Airstrike Targets Weapons Maker

Israeli Operation: 130 Hamas Tunnels Eradicated in Gaza, Airstrike Targets Weapons Maker

  • 08.11.2023 23:27

"Israeli Forces Decimate Hamas Tunnel Network in Gaza, Targeting Key Weapons Maker in Airstrikes

The Israeli military announced on Wednesday the successful destruction of an extensive Hamas tunnel network beneath the Gaza Strip, spanning hundreds of miles. Combat engineers targeted and obliterated over 130 tunnel shafts, part of a comprehensive effort to neutralize the terror organization's weaponry and infrastructure. Simultaneously, airstrikes claimed the life of Mahsein Abu Zina, a prominent weapons maker for Hamas.

IDF troops, in the course of their mission, uncovered a structure housing multiple car batteries near several tunnel entrances, suspected to power the tunnel's air filtration systems. Additionally, a captured Hamas training camp in northern Gaza revealed destroyed tunnel entrances and a staging area where operatives were planning attacks. Videos shared online depicted the dramatic demolitions, including a tunnel located near a UNRWA-run school, sending a dark mushroom cloud of smoke into the air.

The IDF's commitment to eradicating all Hamas tunnels has encountered fierce resistance, resulting in the loss of at least 33 Israeli soldiers. Meanwhile, ongoing negotiations mediated by Qatar aim to secure the release of 10 to 15 hostages held by Hamas in exchange for a 48-hour humanitarian pause in Gaza. The talks, coordinated with the United States, seek to provide a temporary respite and facilitate the release of hostages amid escalating tensions and a rising toll of casualties in the region."

"A potential 24 to 48-hour ceasefire or a limitation of the main zone of operations could be implemented within the next week as part of negotiations for the release of hostages, according to a separate Egyptian security source reported by Reuters. US President Joe Biden has urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to consider a pause in the fighting for humanitarian reasons. G7 foreign ministers, echoing this sentiment, issued a broader plea for peace, acknowledging Israel's right to self-defense but emphasizing the significant humanitarian concerns at stake. They emphasized the importance of a two-state solution for a just, lasting, and secure peace. Despite international calls for a ceasefire, Netanyahu has expressed willingness only for 'tactical little pauses,' arguing that a broader cessation could allow Hamas to regroup."

"In conclusion, the prospect of a 24 to 48-hour ceasefire or a limitation of the main zone of operations in the coming week, tied to negotiations for the release of hostages, adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict in the region. International pressure, spearheaded by US President Joe Biden and echoed by G7 foreign ministers, emphasizes the humanitarian concerns and calls for a broader peace. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while open to 'tactical little pauses,' remains resistant to a full ceasefire, citing concerns about Hamas regrouping. As the situation unfolds, diplomatic efforts and tensions persist in the pursuit of a resolution to the crisis."