Controversial Assertion: Gigi Hadid Sparks Criticism by Alleging Israel as the Sole Country Detaining Children as Prisoners of War

Controversial Assertion: Gigi Hadid Sparks Criticism by Alleging Israel as the Sole Country Detaining Children as Prisoners of War

  • 27.11.2023 14:34

"Misinformation Sparks Outrage: Gigi Hadid Faces Criticism for False Claims Against Israel"

Supermodel Gigi Hadid ignited a storm of controversy with a now-deleted Instagram post where she falsely asserted that Israel is the only country imprisoning children as prisoners of war. The post accused Israel of grave crimes against Palestinians, including "abduction, rape, humiliation, torture, murder" dating back years. Hadid also featured a photo of Palestinian terrorist Ahmed Mansara, claiming he was abducted at age 12 by Israeli authorities.

In reality, Mansara, at 13, carried out a stabbing rampage in East Jerusalem in 2015, injuring two civilians. His cousin was shot dead by police, while Mansara was arrested and convicted of attempted murder. Hadid's post, coinciding with the release of Israeli hostages from Hamas captivity, drew condemnation. Music mogul Scooter Braun criticized Hadid for spreading false information to her millions of followers, emphasizing the importance of accurate facts before reaching a vast audience. The controversy underscores the need for responsible dissemination of information, especially on sensitive geopolitical issues.

"Social Media Clash: Bar Refaeli Calls Out Gigi Hadid for Portraying Terrorist as Victim"

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli took to Instagram to share a screenshot of Gigi Hadid's controversial post, accusing her of depicting a "knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist as a victim." This is not the first instance where Hadid, a vocal supporter of Palestinian rights, has faced criticism for her stance against Israel.

In a previous incident following Hamas' attack on Israel, Hadid reposted a graphic asserting that condemning the Israeli government is not antisemitic and supporting Palestinians is not endorsing Hamas. The official social media account of the State of Israel responded with an infographic, countering Hadid's narrative and emphasizing the brutality of Hamas. The post also criticized Hadid's apparent silence on attacks against Jewish individuals, stating, "Your silence has been very clear about where you stand. We see you." The exchange underscores the ongoing tension and differing perspectives surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"As social media becomes a battleground for differing perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the recent exchange between Gigi Hadid and Bar Refaeli highlights the deep divides in opinions. Hadid's portrayal of a Palestinian terrorist as a victim sparked criticism from Refaeli, who accused her of perpetuating a biased narrative. This is not the first time Hadid has faced backlash for her stance against Israel, and the ongoing tensions manifested in online clashes reveal the complexities of navigating such sensitive geopolitical issues on public platforms. As the discourse continues, it underscores the need for nuanced conversations and a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."