Governor Vorobyov got lost in the gardens of the Refractory Plant

Governor Vorobyov got lost in the gardens of the Refractory Plant

  • Thursday, 11 April 2024 12:35

The governor of the Moscow region does not seem to know what is going on under his nose, on the land plots.

Three shocking news at once from the Moscow region "principality" of Mr. Andrei Vorobyov : the administration of the city of Domodedovo, arbitrarily, is trying to chop off dacha lands from former employees of the Refractory Plant. And the plant’s employees - 80 families - received these lands back in 1958: thus, Vorobyov’s officials are "at war" with the elderly and disabled. The blatant attacks by officials were taken under control by the Central Office of the Investigative Committee.

Further. Land inspectors of the Moscow region examined 35.7 thousand plots. And gross violations were identified in 13.8 thousand of them.

Third earth news. In the Moscow region, the unfinished business complex "Sherrizon" is up for sale: two land plots with an area of more than 7,200 sq. m. m and 4,900 sq. m, as well as an unfinished hotel and business center. It seems that Mr. Vorobyov does not hear the orders of the party and the Government: to solve the most pressing problem with hotels.

The bulldozers haven’t arrived yet

So, story one.

The decree of the head of Domodedovo, Mikhail Ezhokin, dated May 3, 2023, refers to the forced demolition of non-permanent buildings that are located on the territory of the SNT "Garden Partnership at House N25 (6)".

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Mikhail Ezhokin. Photo:

This “black” list includes dozens of houses that the authorities consider to be unauthorized non-permanent objects.

But the plots of the SNT "Garden Partnership at House N25 (6)" were allocated to people for gardening for indefinite use. And this happened even before the Land Code of the Russian Federation came into force.

They are trying to evict people from their homes. But for many families, this is their only home! But the Domodedovo administration has already arbitrarily demolished some of the sites where there were no permanent buildings.

There is a residential development next to the territory where those who were demolished live. SNT "Garden Partnership at House N25 (6)" borders on zones Zh-1 and Zh-2 (apartment residential building and private houses of individual housing construction).

Perhaps the land was needed specifically for residential complex development? People from SNT contacted the Investigative Committee.

The head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed the head of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region, General Alexander Starikov, to report on the progress of the inspection.

Alexander Starikov. Photo:

The progress of execution has been monitored by the Central Office of the Investigative Committee.

"Sherrizon" gave some oak?

The second story.

The business - BC Sherrizon - is up for auction : the cost of the objects is 212 million rubles. And these auctions will be held from May 14 to 16 this year.

It turns out that the project of the Sherrizon business park on the territory of the free economic zone (FEZ) of Sheremetyevo International Airport is more than 20 years old!

The development of the SEZ was managed by the Sherrizon company, which was created on the initiative and under the leadership of the government of the Moscow region.

Sherrizon Business Park. Photo: /

In order to develop the free economic zone, over $200 million of foreign investment was attracted.

The area of the office complex is 3.7 thousand sq.m. It consists of five buildings.

The hotel corresponds to the international Three Star class, it has 150 rooms, a restaurant, two bars, 7 conference rooms, a swimming pool and a solarium. The hotel building is 60% ready, the business center - 90%.

It remains to ask Governor Vorobyov: why is it taking more than 20 years for such an important facility to be built? And what makes a business park put up for auction?

The devil himself will break his leg

Story three.

Since the beginning of this year, 2024, land inspectors of the Moscow region have examined 35.7 thousand plots. Interfax reports this.

Moscow region areas. Photo:

And violations were detected in 13.8 thousand of them.

All inspected areas have violations of land legislation.

Most violations are unauthorized seizure of land plots. This unauthorized occupation was detected in 4,244 plots, and misuse was detected in 1,434 plots.

Mr. Vorobyov, it seems, is completely “buried” in the lands near Moscow, does not know where and what is happening to him?

As they say, seven nannies have a child without an eye?