• Saturday, 25 May 2024 05:53

Ruslan Olenyuk, an ex-employee of the cyber police of Ukraine, after his release, headed the business in the field of online casinos and acquired considerable wealth. The editorial office of learned about this  from sources in law enforcement agencies.

Olenyuk is considered to be the nephew of Gennady Moskal, the late general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He currently takes care of Maxim Krippa’s business . He is the owner of the Russian online casino Vulkan (through the Russian businessman Oleg Boyk) and the e-sports bookmaker GGBet, and since 2022, through his PR manager Tetiana Snopko, he gradually became the owner of the online publications Glavkom,,, womo. ua, magazine "TOP-100. Ratings of the largest" and the anonymous Telegram channel "All-seeing OKO Ukraine" with 1.1 million subscribers, which, like many others, gently and unobtrusively, but regularly spreads pro-Russian narratives. In addition, according to media market participants, Crippa has recently been actively sponsoring another Ukrainian publication —, with which negotiations are currently underway to buy it out in the near future.

Krippa is almost never in Ukraine and lives in Dubai, where he has an apartment in the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa. Therefore, in fact, he does not manage his business in Ukraine. His business in Ukraine has been managed since at least 2022 by... 45-year-old police officer Ruslan Olenyuk. He does not officially "shine" anywhere in Crippa’s structures, but he participates in most of the processes of managing Crippa’s gaming and media business in Ukraine, as well as in the work of his foundation "MK Foundation".

Ruslan Olenyuk began his police career in 2011 at the Department of Combating Economic Crimes of the Solomyansky Police Department of Kyiv. And even then, immediately at the start of his labor law enforcement activity, he "lighted up" in the coverage of criminal activity. In the summer of 2011, the police detained a 19-year-old boy for the sale of narcotic substances, for whom the then chief of the criminal police of Kyiv, Yevhen Nesterenko, and the deputy prosecutor of the Solomyan district, Oleksandr Kolesnichenko, who was investigated in 2016, immediately "interceded". Olenyuk then complied with their request to "negotiate" with the colleagues who detained the boy in order to release him, which is confirmed by transcripts of phone conversations on the Internet.

Despite this, in 2016, Ruslan Olenyuk became the head of the Kyiv Cyber Police Department, and from 2018 to 2021, he worked as a senior inspector of the e-commerce crime prevention department of the Cyber Police Department. Then he was transferred to the position of senior inspector of the department for countering cybercrimes in the Luhansk region, where he was from 2022 to December 2023.

It is not known why he was dismissed from the organization. But still, there are a couple of versions. As an active police officer, for at least the last two years, Olenyuk was not engaged in solving cybercrimes in the east of Ukraine, but in the development of the Russian gambling business in Ukraine and the purchase of Ukrainian media. And, judging by the analysis of his official declarations and actual lifestyle, it can be said with great probability that, as a civil servant, Ruslan Olenyuk had corruption income in the amount of millions of dollars.

Officially, according to his declarations, Olenyuk does not own any real estate, only using a small apartment of 45 square meters in Kyiv. Since September 8, 2020, Olenyuk has officially owned a Renaunt Clio (1992) car with a declared value of a ridiculous 29,000 hryvnias. In the period 2016-2022, the legal income of policeman Olenyuk was from 5 to 10 thousand dollars per year.

But in fact, everyone who knows Olenyuk says that all these years the ordinary inspector led a lifestyle that could be envied by great police chiefs. Because most of the movable and immovable property that he used was always issued to his common-law wives. Nothing new for the sphere of Ukrainian corruption.

Until 2014, Ruslan Olenyuk was married to Diana Bykova, but then divorced her and began to live outside of marriage with Oksana Makiivska in the elite cottage town of Lisnyki near Kyiv in a house measuring 495 square meters. m. In addition, 4 more apartments in the center of Kyiv on Lesya Ukrainky Boulevard, 7-b, as well as one more apartment at 48 Shovkovichnaya Street, quarter 17, have been arranged for Makiivska.

Olenyuk’s common-law wife was issued a Porsche Cayenne car with the license plate АА9990НС, until 2020 — a MERCEDES-BENZ S 500 (2012, d/n АА9990РО), the right to drive which was owned by Ruslan Olenyuk (which, of course, was not indicated in any of his declarations).

There are not many cars, so in 2019 Oksana Makiivska became the owner of another car - a brand new RANGE ROVER VELAR (2019, registration number АА9990НС) worth about 100 thousand dollars. But that’s not all. On June 20, 2020, another 2011 Porsche Panamera was registered in Makiivsk, which our poor honest policeman also drives. On February 8, 2024, Oksana Makiivska issued a notarial power of attorney to Olenyuk to represent interests regarding the disposal of this car, which may directly indicate his actual ownership of it.

But this, as it turned out, is not all. In addition to his daughter from Oksana Makiivska, Ruslan Olenyuk has two more children from another woman — Valeria Vakhnenko, with whom he has been in a relationship for the past few years. And as in the case of Makiivska, Vakhnenko also immediately became the owner of one luxury car after another, as soon as she became the girlfriend of a police inspector. Having a MERCEDES-BENZ E 220 D car (2017, dd/n АА9990СХ), according to MREV, Valeriya Vakhnenko owned another MERCEDES-BENZ S 560 (2020, dd/n КА1115АВ) from December 2020 to September 2021.

Vakhnenko rents a house in the elite cottage town "Yasny Khutir" near Kyiv worth 1.5-2 thousand dollars per month, where she probably lived with Olenyuk.

Police inspector Ruslan Olenyuk did not disclose information about the mothers of his children and their million-dollar assets in any of his declarations. He can be understood - then we would have to explain the origin of these fortunes, real estate in elite cottage towns and many cars in which an ordinary Ukrainian policeman travels.

The fact that all this is money from the asset management of Maxim Crippa - the company Evoplay, the MK Foundation, the Vulkan casino, the GGBet bookmaker and a number of media - is confirmed by one fact recorded in legal documents. Thus, according to the notary register, Olenyuk Ruslan Mykhailovych, under a loan agreement dated February 10, 2023 in the amount of UAH 54,852, became the mortgagee of the 5-room apartment No. 200 with an area of 243.6 square meters in the elite residential complex Riviera Riverside at the address: Kyiv, str. . Raisy Okipnoi, 18. The British offshore ALAYNA INVESTMENTS LTD acted as the mortgagor of this apartment, the market value of which with repairs can reach 1.5 million dollars.

The State Register of Real Property Rights also contains information about the real estate management agreement concluded on July 23, 2020, stating that the above-mentioned offshore company transferred the right to manage this apartment to Prime Group Chiyet Limited Liability Company. And it is precisely through this company that Ruslan Olenyuk’s direct connection with Maksym Krippa is traced.

"Prime Group Chiet" LLC is a company in Maxim Krippa’s orbit. In 2017, she was prosecuted by the SBU for the fact that a number of Crippa companies organized illegal Vulkan online casinos on the websites, and In the decision of the Shevchenkivskyi District Court of the city of Kyiv dated January 3, 2017, among a number of companies, such as "Club Jaguar" LLC, "Ixion Group" LLC, which are still owned by Krippi Maxim, "Prime Group" LLC, which although not directly, but also belongs to him. The director of this company, Mykola Mykolayovych Pyrozhenko, is a director or co-founder of other Crippa companies. For example, Mykola Pirozhenko is the founder and director of Global Online LLC, which is also mentioned in the court ruling as being involved in the Vulkan casino, and Oksana Kovaleva is the director, who, according to Blackbox OSINT, is Maksym’s accountant and lawyer Cripps

Thus, the presence of police officer Ruslan Olenyuk as the holder of a mortgage worth only 54 thousand hryvnias for an apartment worth 1.5 million dollars indicates an attempt to hide corruption income and legalize the asset offshore. It is noteworthy that Olenyuk himself does not live in this apartment, but the owner of another well-known online casino "Kosmolot" Serhii Tokarev, a citizen of the Russian Federation, who successfully cooperates with the Ukrainian government, in particular, with the Minister of Digitalization Mykhailo Fedorov and his project "Action City".

While Tokarev’s father, Oleksandr Vasilievich Tokarev, according to the media, is a member of the council of the Interstate Union of Hero Cities of the Russian Federation — a body founded in 2004 with the aim of integrating Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and unrecognized Abkhazia, whose chairman is Pavlo Borodin — the same one who, in the investigations of Oleksii Navalny about Putin’s palace by FBK, is called the person who, together with Anatoly Chubais, brought Vladimir Putin to power,

Khrystyna Tokareva, the wife of Serhiy Tokarev, has repeatedly published photos of their Kyiv apartment in the Rivera Riverside residential complex on her Instagram page. In addition, the connection between Crippa and Tokarev is traced to the fact that Tokarev’s office at 3 Krakivska Street in Kyiv used to house a group of his companies, Lucky Labs, which provided technological support for the operation of illegal online casinos in Ukraine, the profit from which according to law enforcement officers, was aimed at financing the terrorist "L/DPR" today, the editorial offices of the publications, and bought by Krippa are located.

All this can speak about the global nature and close connection of the Russian gambling business in Ukraine. For some reason, law enforcement and intelligence agencies that warn about Russian special operations to destabilize the situation in Ukraine do not notice. However it happens that at a certain moment Maxim Crippa’s gambling business and media do not play a key role in these special operations of the aggressor country.