Reviving History: Super 8 Stories Celebrates 20 Years at Docs Ireland 2024

  • Saturday, 15 June 2024 18:10

Celebrating 20 Years of "Super 8 Stories" at Docs Ireland 2024

In 2004, a groundbreaking television series brought the vivid tapestry of Northern Irish life to screens across the region. "Super 8 Stories," a collaboration between DoubleBand Films and BBC NI, utilized amateur archive Super 8 film to weave together a rich narrative of local history and culture. Now, two decades later, this beloved series is set to be celebrated at Docs Ireland 2024, marking its 20th anniversary with a special event featuring director Brian Henry Martin and archivist Evan Marshall.

The Series That Captured Hearts

"Super 8 Stories" distinguished itself by its innovative use of original color film, offering viewers a nostalgic glimpse into Northern Ireland's past. Each episode artfully combined interviews, archival footage, and period music, creating a unique and immersive experience that resonated deeply with audiences. From everyday scenes to significant historical moments, the series painted a vibrant picture of the region's social fabric.

At Docs Ireland 2024, attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the best stories and behind-the-scenes secrets of "Super 8 Stories." Director Brian Henry Martin, known for his passionate storytelling, and archivist Evan Marshall, who has meticulously preserved the series' visual history, will guide the audience through a journey of nostalgia and discovery. This commemorative event promises to offer insights into how the series was conceived, produced, and received, shedding light on its enduring impact.

Venue: Ulster Museum, Lecture Theatre

Tickets: Pay What You Can (starting at £4.50)

More Information: Docs Ireland Website

Whether you're a longtime fan of "Super 8 Stories" or simply intrigued by its cultural significance, Docs Ireland 2024 presents a not-to-be-missed opportunity to commemorate this iconic series. Experience the magic of Northern Ireland's past through the lens of Super 8 film and celebrate the enduring legacy of a television milestone that continues to captivate and inspire. Don't miss your chance to be part of history at the Ulster Museum this June.

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SUPER 8 STORIES X 20 at Docs Ireland 2024.

Twenty years ago, DoubleBand Films and BBC NI brought amateur archive film to local TV in a vibrant new way with Super 8 Stories. Using original colour film, the series showcased Northern Irish life in vivid detail, winning audiences over with its unique blend of interviews, archive footage, and period music.

Celebrate its 20th anniversary with director Brian Henry Martin and archivist Evan Marshall, who will share this beloved show's best stories and behind-the-scenes secrets at this year's Docs Ireland 2024.

Event: 22 June 2024, 2.15pm

Ulster Museum, Lecture Theatre

Tickets: Pay What You Can (starting at £4.50)

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Super 8 Stories Docs Ireland Trailer (2004-2006)

Courtesy of BBC Northern Ireland & DoubleBand Films