Challenges Faced by the Jewish Community: From Hiding to Advocating for True Protection

Challenges Faced by the Jewish Community: From Hiding to Advocating for True Protection

  • 28.10.2023 07:29

"Fear and Tensions Rise: Jewish Community in Brooklyn Urged to Stay Indoors Amid Pro-Palestinian Protest

In the aftermath of a disturbing incident where Jewish college students barricaded themselves in a Greenwich Village library while facing a hostile crowd, a new message amplifies concerns for the safety of Jews in Brooklyn. Ahead of a pro-Palestinian protest scheduled for 3 p.m. Saturday near the Brooklyn Museum, just a mile from the headquarters of the world's largest ultra-Orthodox sect, the Lubavitch Hasidim, a call for caution is sounded.

Approximately 20,000 observant Jews reside in Crown Heights, the neighborhood surrounding 770 Eastern Parkway, and they are being advised to avoid the area during the protest. A local ultra-Orthodox news site,, shares a warning from a "security source" urging Jews to stay inside, lock their doors, and refrain from venturing out, especially considering the uncertainty regarding the protest's direction.

The heightened anxiety among Brooklyn's Jewish community is rooted in historical events, particularly the anti-Jewish riot in Crown Heights in 1991. Triggered by a tragic car accident involving a Hasidic Jew, the three-day riot resulted in violence against Jews, looting, and arson, culminating in the murder of an Australian doctoral student, Yankel Rosenbaum. The collective memory of these events fuels the current apprehension, with community members expressing a sense of vulnerability and a perceived lack of protection.

As tensions escalate, the community grapples with the challenge of maintaining its way of life, especially on the Sabbath when observant Jews traditionally refrain from using technology and vehicles. The current climate has forced a departure from the usual Sabbath afternoon walks, with the priority now being to stay indoors and out of harm's way. The specter of past violence looms large, emphasizing the ongoing struggle for security and peace within the community."

"Fear and Isolation: Jewish Students Forced to Barricade Themselves Amidst Rising Tensions

At Cooper Union in Greenwich Village, a chilling scene unfolded as Jewish college students barricaded themselves inside, surrounded by a menacing pro-terror mob. Peering through glass doors, the students faced taunts and glares, evoking a haunting familiarity with the tragic events of the past. The collective memory of Yankel Rosenbaum's murder in 1991 hangs heavily, reminding every Jew that the specter of violence is ever-present.

The pro-Palestinian protest planned near Crown Heights serves as a grim reminder that the mob's intent extends beyond advocating for a cause. Instead, their purpose appears to be a deliberate threat to the peace and security of Jews worldwide. The message is clear: there will be no safety for any Jew if the mob's agenda prevails. In the face of this, the typically unspoken certainty in the protection of the NYPD is now replaced by an unsettling lesson: stay inside, mind the mob, the monsters are here.

The historical parallels with the events of 1991, where law enforcement initially stood by amid escalating violence, resonate strongly. The echoes of more than 100 police officers injured during that period serve as a stark reminder of the potential consequences when authorities fail to intervene promptly.

In 2023, the vulnerability of Jews outside Israel has reached unprecedented levels, marked by marauders attacking communities, mirroring the tragic events in Israel just weeks prior. Instead of experiencing enhanced protection, Jews find themselves urged to stay indoors, evoking the haunting specter of Anne Frank's confinement. The chilling realization dawns: staying inside, a choice born out of necessity, echoes a history marred by persecution and a struggle for survival."

"In the Reflection of Silence: A Disturbing Parallel to 'The Pianist' Unfolds

The haunting echoes of Władysław Szpilman's silent isolation in 'The Pianist' find an unsettling resonance in the current reality faced by Jews in New York. The poignant portrayal of Szpilman, played by Adrien Brody, who endured over a year of isolation in war-torn Warsaw, now serves as an eerie metaphor for the present circumstances.

In the span of my 62 years, I've celebrated the blessing that America has been to the Jewish people, a sanctuary unparalleled in our history. New York, often regarded as the most Jewish city in the world outside of Israel, has been an extension of that blessing. However, in this moment, a palpable fear has gripped the Jewish community, urging them to retreat into hiding.

This sentiment is not conveyed lightly; it is born out of genuine terror. The prospect of having to conceal one's identity and existence in a city that has historically been a haven for diversity and acceptance is both heartbreaking and alarming. The stark contrast between the blessings America has offered and the current need for Jews to hide is a stark reminder of the fragility of security and the importance of preserving the principles that have made this nation a refuge for so many.

As the echoes of 'The Pianist' reverberate in the silence that descends upon the Jewish community, the urgent plea emerges: to confront and address the sources of this fear and ensure that the blessings of safety and freedom are preserved for all."

"In conclusion, the disquieting parallels between the solitude endured by Władysław Szpilman in 'The Pianist' and the present circumstances facing Jews in New York evoke a profound sense of fear and vulnerability. The recognition of having to hide, a stark departure from the blessings America has historically bestowed upon the Jewish people, underscores the fragility of security and the urgent need to address the sources of this fear.

The juxtaposition of a city celebrated for its diversity and acceptance becoming a place where Jews feel compelled to conceal their identity is a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggle for safety and freedom. As we confront this sobering reality, the imperative to preserve the principles that have made America a refuge for countless individuals becomes clear. The plea is not just for the Jewish community but for the collective commitment to safeguarding the ideals that define the nation and ensure that no one lives in fear within its borders."